February 16, 2021

Nazim Uddin Ahmmed Chowdhury

Posted By Shouhardo III,


Nazim Chowdhury completed his M.SC in Limnology and Fisheries Biology from University of Chittagong and IMBA (Major in HR) from University of Information Technology and Science (UITS). Currently, he is working as Senior Technical Manager-Governance in SHOUHARDO III program. Prior to that he worked as a Research Technician at University of Chittagong, Fisheries Biologist in FAP-17, Technical officer- Aquaculture and Technical officer-Advocacy in Go-Interfaith project of CARE Bangladesh; Associate Coordinator- Policy Advocacy of VERC, District Facilitator- LGSP LIC project of UNDP. In SHOUHARDO he worked as a Technical Specialist, Technical Manager-Livelihood and Governance, and Regional Senior Technical-Manager (Regional Technical Led of Food Security Program). He has expertise in Program Management, Staff Management, Budgeting, Advocacy, Governance, Food Security Interventions, Case/story writing, writing critical research report, presentation preparation, and participatory development approach.