February 16, 2021

Sairana Ahsan

Posted By Shouhardo III,


SAIRANA is an avid project management specialist, qualitative researcher and training enthusiast who worked in an array of development focal points such as public health, gender, humanitarian and resilience, food security and many more. She joined SHOUHARDO III team of Care Bangladesh as a documentation lead since March 2020. Previously, she has worked in CARE Bangladesh’s Humanitarian and Resilience team, BRAC JPG School of Public Health, BRAC University and Sanofi Bangladesh Ltd. She obtained her MSc in Public Health from the University of Bedfordshire, the United Kingdom with a Commonwealth Scholarship, and completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy from North South University, Bangladesh. With a passion to represent the human face and voice to the numeric values of researches, Sairana aspires to hunt stories to explore the visual representation of research/ knowledge more in the future. Sairana loves adventure sports side by side with reading a book and spending time with family cozily at home; because time is of the essence and balance is key.