September 17, 2020

Community benefitting by Shapla’s leadership

Posted By Shouhardo III,


Ms. Shapla Chowdhury (53) lives in Dakkhin Dewsohila village of Fatepur Union, Madan Upazila, Netrokona Zila. She is a dedicated woman towards her family and society; she is also the President of Village Development Committee-VDC. She has struggled a long time within her family and livelihood, everyone in her village have heard of her struggles. Reflecting on her life, she got married to Late Chad Mia in 1987 and within 6 years, her married life was full of pain due to infertility and her husband’s misbehavior. After struggling for a while, she got separated from her husband in 1993 and got a job in a garment manufacturing factory Gazipur, Dhaka. By working hard, she was living a better life than before. After working for four years, she came back to her native village in 1997 where she had no job. She started cultivating vegetables and rearing goats. Time went by. In 2009, a local NGO selected her as a member of community group and allotted a ‘PUSTI Bagan’ (Nutrition Garden) with a little money. With this assistance, she established a garden in 5 decimal land, where a combination of timber and vegetables were planted. The planted saplings are Mango, Eucalyptus, Olive, Lemon, Papaya etc. These were her source of income.