September 14, 2020

Final Report on the Growth Monitoring Promoter Pilot Assessment

Posted By Shouhardo III,


Bangladesh, a South-Asian developing country, has been paving its way to becoming a member of the global middle-income cohort. In the post-liberation era, the country has shown remarkable progress in several global development indicators, including health and nutrition. According to Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) data, there has been a steady decline in the prevalence of stunting (low height for age) among children under five years of age, from 55 percent in 1997, to 41 percent in 2011, to 36 percent in 2014 and 31 percent in 20171. The country is on track to further reduce stunting to 27 percent, as was set in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target by 2025 (tentatively),2 Achieving the SDG target is associated with better nutrition in Bangladesh, and will require collective actions and coordinated efforts.