February 17, 2021

Md. Eyasin Ali Sarker

Posted By Shouhardo III,


Md Eyasin Ali Sarker completed his Master of Governance and Development Studies from Jahangirnagar University. He has 14 years of national and international working experience in designing, planning, and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems including MIS systems. He has expertise in developing key M&E tools including M&E Plan, Log frame, Indicator performance Tracking Tables (IPTT), Performance Indicator Reference Sheets (PIRS), and Theory of Change (TOC). He has developed online-based data collection systems through ONA, ODK, and SurveyCTO. Additionally, he has established Data Quality Assurance/ Assessments (DQA) systems and managed Geo special data through the GIS platform for utilizing M&E data for management decision-making.