SHOUHARDO III supports communities through infrastructural development linked to water, sanitation & hygiene, and disaster risk mitigation. These infrastructures include household latrines, small drainage culverts, and low-cost community resource centers.

As a sustainable approach for minimizing the adverse impact of annual floods, SHOUHARDO III raised household plinths above the flood levels. Raised homesteads are do not get affected by the seasonal flooding and create opportunities for the owners to carry out year-round home gardening on the raised yard. These raised households are not only providing safe shelters to the owners, their belonging, and cattle, it is also allowing them to shelter their neighbors during the floods.


plinths raised

“Never before I could stay at my home during floods, I had to take shelter elsewhere. This year, my neighbors have taken shelter at my place”

– Monowara, Fulchari, Gaibandha

SHOUHARDO III also constructed some large infrastructures through the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) for disaster risk reduction. These include the construction of school cum flood shelters in the Char areas and brick mound protection wall in the Haor areas.

These initiatives are carried out during the off-seasons for agricultural produces, for creating short-term employment opportunities for the poor. These works include, homesteads raising, institutional grounds raising, and earthen road maintenance.