Pro-Poor Financial Solutions

Pro-Poor Financial Solutions

For the poorest population who are unable to access microfinance loans or other institutional financial services, SHOUHARDO III implements CARE’s community-based savings-led financial model, known as the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA). The VSLA helps the participants to accumulate small savings to create an opportunity for further investment. The VSLA groups are managed by the community members and follow a certain system for managing finances.

To ensure that this method of financial management continues even after the SHOUHARDO III program closes, the program is mobilizing Sanchay Sathis (Savings Companion) from the communities. Sanchay Shathis are being trained and provided instruction manuals on how to run VSLAs independently in exchange for a fee.


in 1300+ VSLAs

They will also provide different need-based services including linking communities with the Union Parisad, including community members in government safety net program, and government and non-government health services.

“VSLA group has been a great help to us. When everyone was bound to stay inside their homes during the pandemic, our income also stopped. We didn’t receive any help, hence we used our savings to help us get by during the most difficult times.”

– Shadhona Rani, Chair of Shapla VSLA, Baniachang

Success beyond the program :

65 VSLAS collectively stood beside 478 vulnerable people by providing food and hygiene products which amounted to BDT 55,188 (USD 647)

Watch the amazing journey by the VSLA members reaching out to the more vulnerable people in their villages.